Where are lessons given?

Your house (North Dallas)

What makes these lessons different from other lessons?

  1. The fundamental goal is to create original music. I won't force students to learn scales. I won't force students to learn songs they don't care about. I will encourage students to explore music, and I will teach magic shortcuts that make it easy to create beautiful music. Incidentally...

  2. Within the first lesson, students will create (shockingly beautiful) original music. For real. You will be shocked. With the right tools and shortcuts, creating beautiful music is easy. Let me prove it -- schedule your free first lesson:

  3. The main musical instrument will be a computer, because the vast majority of popular music is created on computers. In modern music, the most successful, critically acclaimed, and well-paid musicians are skilled at producing music on a computer. Thus, this is where my students will begin their training.

  4. Students will pursue the musical knowledge, skills, and style that THEY want to pursue. The medium for each lesson will be the student's original music: in each lesson, the student will work on improving an existing composition or creating a new one. Within this context, there will be numerous teachable moments. Additionally, prior to each lesson, I will prepare a list of new skills and knowledge that would benefit the student -- if this stuff comes up, I'll teach it. Broadly, lessons will be guided by whatever musical skills, knowledge, or genre gets the student excited.

  5. The fundamental goal is to unlock the student's individual, artistic passion. My goal is to enable musical self-expression. We all have unique, beautiful music in our hearts and minds. I want my students to discover this music, and I want to give them the power to bring it to life. 

What are your qualifications?

As a Teacher: 

  • I have taught nine different college-level psychology courses. My students' anonymous reviews make me very proud: Student reviews of Dr. John Adams's teaching

  • Prior to graduate school, I taught the GRE for Kaplan. Again, I received lots of positive student reviews. Also, Kaplan is highly selective: they only hire teachers who dominate the GRE and excel during their instructor-training program. I am smart and good at teaching (albeit still working on humility)

As a Musician

  • I played the trombone in an all-state band during high school

  • Multiple years of lessons (+ self-training) on piano and guitar

  • Most importantly, I am an expert at using computer software (DAW) to compose music. Specifically, I use Logic Pro X -- the preferred DAW of Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin (Coldplay), and Brian Eno (U2, Talking Heads, Coldplay, James Blake). I am also an expert at Garageband -- a free DAW for Mac.  

With Kids

  • I was a summer-camp counselor for five summers. It taught me a lot about working with kids. Like adults, kids respond well to sincerity, positivity, and assertiveness. Kids also seem to enjoy silly. Many adults also seem to enjoy silly. I, too, am fond of silly. Silly is cool.

  • In lieu of additional experience with children (because I don't have any more), consider the following: Lessons will be given in the student's home, and parents are encouraged to spy and eavesdrop. During this espionage, my agenda will become transparent: I just want to have fun and make awesome music. 
    It would also be nice if I could pay my bills and occasionally go on a trip. 

What if I have a question that was not answered here? 

hit me up:

Music Lessons in North Dallas

est. Fall 2018