Music Production Lessons in Dallas

est. Fall 2018

Student-Music Portfolio

The music below was composed by my students.


My students are talented. I am a good teacher.

Here is proof: 


 Ameer (age 13) reportedly found his first lesson to be mind-blowing and life-changing.   Riding this inspiration, after his FIRST lesson, Ameer did this:

Best Beat Yet rmxAmeerMortal

DJ Tracksuit

 DJ Tracksuit (age 11) had some prior experience taking drum lessons, which probably helped him concoct FIRE during his very first lesson:

Beat1NicoDJ Tracksuit

Pierce & Rhett 

Pierce (age 12) and Rhett (10) are brothers. Prior to working with me, they each had one year of private music lessons (guitar for Pierce; drums for Rhett). During their FIRST LESSON, Pierce and Rhett collaborated to create the following masterpiece:

~PIERCE$$$RHETT~Rhett & Pierce

Here is the solo track Pierce (age 12) produced during his second lesson:

Pierce TWO$$$PIERCE$$$

Rhett (age 10) produced this solo track during his second lesson:

Rhett Mo-NAYRhett Mo-NAY

Christopher T. 

 Christopher (age 11) composed this instrumental during his SECOND LESSON:

Created by my First Student Ever; Lesson #2Christopher T

Chris created this track during his SIXTH LESSON:

Chris, Lesson #6Christopher T

 Andrew K. 

My unofficial first student was my friend Andrew from high school. Like Chris, prior to working with me, Andrew had virtually zero background in music composition or music theory. After a few years of working with me and honing his craft, Andrew composed the following song for his wife, which he gave to her as a gift on her wedding day: 

B2Bmy unofficial 1st student

This track sounds like it was produced by a professional music studio.


To be sure, part of me wants to make fun of Andrew for being softer than a kitten's tummy. Alas, more than anything, I am proud of him and extremely impressed.